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How to get food

If you are in need of food, visit us:

We're located in the basement of the Calvary Baptist Church. The entrance to our food bank is in the back of the church, near the parking lot.

Who can access our food bank

Starting May 16, 2024, we can only serve people who live in our neighborhood. 

You can access our food bank if your address is:

Why we have a catchment area

Demand for our food bank has reached unsustainable levels. Applying this address requirement will help ensure that we can continue to serve our neighbours. 

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Our catchment area 

About the registration process

Register in-person

On your first visit, you will need to register for an account:

Clients are limited to one visit per week at Daily Bread food banks.

You can also register online.

We offer fresh, nutritious food

Eggs & dairy

Pasta & rice

Bread & cereal

Fresh produce